The End of Another Chapter

As my junior year comes to a close, I thought I’d do a wrap of post for what I’ve learned this school year from my English class. I’ve always felt like the best classes are the ones where it seems like you’re learning more about life than traditional learning. This class has definitely taught me a lot about life.

1) Never apologize. Never explain.

These were the infamous words my teacher reiterated to us everyday during class. He encouraged us to have ideas, and believe in those ideas, letting them flourish. When people try to put doubts in your head about what you’re doing, you’ve just got to ignore them and keep doing your own thing. You shouldn’t have to justify to someone else what you’re doing for it to be okay.

2) Have a voice. Have an opinion.

A lot of times when people are asked about issues, they simply say I don’t know, or I don’t really care. In reality, however, all of these people are just lying and trying to hide what they’re truly thinking. Every person has an opinion on an issue, and they should feel free to express that idea and share it with the world. That’s one thing I love about our class. Are discussions are very free-flowing, so we can here all kinds of points of view.

3) Writing is a long, difficult process, but the results are amazing.

One thing I’ll take away from this class is the value and importance of writing. Out of this class, I have produced essays and poems and just random thoughts that I am extremely proud of. All of those long nights thinking and being frustrated, all of those nights screaming and crying, were all worth it, because creating art is a beautiful thing.

4) Follow your passions.

You always here the things, “follow your dreams,” or “follow your passions,” from teachers, but they never really do anything to help you progress your dreams. This class has given me that opportunity to follow my passion, and pursue things that aren’t as conventional as normal learning.

5) Every ending is a new beginning.

The future, my senior year, seems to be creeping up faster and faster. And to be quite honest, I am not ready. I wish I could have another year in high school. Life may be really hectic and busy, but there still isn’t that sense of the future until senior year comes. Then everything hits you like a bus. This class though, has to end. And as this chapter of my life finishes, a new one is beginning to be written.


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