Common What?

Dear World,

So for those of you parents and students out there, you may have heard that many schools are switching from the STAR testing old ways, into Common Core. And if you’ve been following recent internet stories, you would have heard of the letter that a frustrated parent wrote to a teacher about Common Core. In case you haven’t seen that letter, here it is:

Honestly. This is for a 2nd Grader. Yes, I understand that it is important to learn why we do things in math, and other subjects, but this is ridiculous. That number line thing? Like what is that? I, like that parent, would have subtracted and just said, “That’s how it is! He must have gotten confused by that ridiculous number line thing.” I’m a high school student and I don’t really even understand what is going on with that number line thing.

As a high school student whose high school has switched to common core this year, I too am frustrated. Apparently my test is next week, yet the words “common core” have never appeared within my math or English classes. Also, we have to graph things on a computer? I honestly have no idea how to do that, because my math teacher has simply neglected to go over that, or has felt that we would be smart enough to figure it out. I haven’t even done a practice test for either tests. So WHAT IS COMMON CORE?!?!?!?! I really have no idea.

So, what is the English test about? Is it similar to comprehension, but I have to explain all of my answers? I guess I’ll see on test day.

Furthermore, the test completely neglects the fact that not everyone is at the same point in math. The test is the same for everyone, and is supposed to go all the way up to Precalculus, which I am in, but I do have many friends who are not in that math class. So what are they supposed to do? Just sit there? They can’t be expected to do something they have never even learned. That is unreasonable and unfair.


A confused and frustrated student.


3 responses to “Common What?

  1. i really like this blog post because i too agree with this kind of nonsense like why do we need common core when some people don’t even have common sense. ahhhhh!!!!!! i like how u used picture to support ur evidence very nice great job keep blogging !

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