You are what you write

Remember this old saying?

No? Yes? Well, in any case, I think, that you are what you write.

I’ve noticed that most people write exactly the way their personalities are.

Take me, for example. I tend to write really bold statements; I have a lot to say about things that I’m really passionate about. I’ll just list things out, more and more and more, until it all becomes a blur. I have some really good points to make, but they get lost in all the mumbo jumbo.

Think of my passionate posts as Sriracha. I LOVE Sriracha. I put it on everything, especially teriyaki chicken. Like my passion, it goes all over things I enjoy, only in hopes of improving them. When my passion goes on, however, sometimes the actual point gets completely lost and overwhelmed. I still taste the wonderful notes of sun dried tomato and spices, but I no longer taste the beautiful sweetness of the teriyaki. Maybe it’s time to hold sriracha a little bit, so that there’s just enough passion and just enough taste.

If I don’t care about the topic, however, I just do it for the sake of doing it. The writing is just kind of there. It’s like those potato chips you eat when you’re bored.

You’re not really hungry, but you have nothing better to do, so you eat. These potato chips are my passionless writing. If I’m not really into what I’m doing, I’ll just finish it so it’s done, then move on as quickly as possible. Maybe I should go get some artichoke dip…….. Yeah! That will spice things up. Maybe adding in something more enjoyable to passionless writing: a song, a quote, or a video, can transform my boring into exciting!

I’ve noticed a lot of my more timid friends write the same way that they are. They constantly apologize for what they’re doing, as if they were always doing something wrong. They may put *disclaimers* or apologies straight into their writing.

These people are the vanilla ice cream of writing. Yes, it’s pretty enjoyable, but they don’t bring anything new to the topic. Everything is just the same old, plain old vanilla. Their points seem to melt away with every apology that they give. They could use some chocolate chips, or maybe some sprinkles, to bring some newness, some confidence into their writing.

I think  that the perfect balance in writing would be a macaroon.

If you’ve ever had a really good macaroon, it is the epitome of taste. They have that perfect little crunch, combined with the creaminess and smoothness of the filling inside. This is how good writing should be. It flows well, but also has little flourishes of passion that add into the perfect bite .

I was hungry,


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