Bullying: STOP IT

The cycle of bullying will always continue, unless someone chooses to end it. END IT. END IT NOW. This life has so many reasons to be happy, don’t let others live in pain and sadness.

Bullying is like a disease. It spreads from person to person, only causing more and more harm. The more people it reaches, the stronger it gets. If we continue to hurt we feed this epidemic. We let it flourish within ourselves, only creating more pain and more hurt. If we can stop small pox, we can stop this. Now is the time to eradicate bullying.

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One response to “Bullying: STOP IT

  1. Reblogged this on Encourage, Uplift, and Inspire and commented:
    Ashley’s view and choice of the video for bullying I think are perfect. I hope this video will inspire you to take a stand up against bullying when you see it and think before the next time you are about to gossip or make rumors about someone. I hope that this video will show you the feelings of those who get bullied, not just the feeling of satisfaction you might get after you bully someone.

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