Introduction: My Adventure Book!


First things first. This blog turned one a little while ago! WOOT WOOT! Also, hi, I’m Ashley, the now sole admin of this blog. If you read some of my older posts, I am Ayy. My two other partners Bee and Jay, are sadly no longer blogging with me. Actually, It’s been only me since about July 2013. 😦 It’s kind of lonely here, but I’m having fun! Well sort of.

Obviously, I’m not doing a very good job keeping up with my blog. My posts are few and far in between, with many of them lacking the passion I once had. So, to cure this, I have decided to start something new: My Adventure Book. Here, everyday I will post something that has inspired me that day, whether it be a picture, quote, or video, each will come along with a short explanation. I hope that doing this will not only inspire me and bring back my passion for blogging, but will also inspire some of you try new things.

Find your Paradise Falls,



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