Love: We are all The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son.

There are two main forces that drive everything in this world: love and hate. As shown in this video, when the son seemed to spread “hate” by shunning away his father, who worked all his life to bring his son a better life and was always there for his son. The only things that came out of this act of hate were fake pleasure and someone else’s death. It was the father’s unconditional love, however, that saved the son. Love is the more powerful force.

At one point in our lives or another, we will turn into the prodigal son. We will look at our parents and think, “Oh, I don’t need them.” or, “They’re so annoying, I just want to leave this place.” We no longer feel like we need our parents, or want to be “independent.” We forget everything that our parents have done to give us the best chance possible. We forget the tireless hours they work so we could have food on the table, we forget the hours they spend cooking and cleaning and helping us out. We instead become consumed with ourselves and our own needs. We forget about love.

But our needs cannot be fulfilled with worldly things. We all need our parents, because we all need love. They were the first people to love us, and they will be there for us the rest of our lives, whether it be physically, or in spirit. We will remember their advice for years to come. We will remember their mistakes, and how we both learned from them. Most of all, we will remember the days where simple things, like playing a game of catch, were the best things in the world. Nothing is greater than that game of catch. No greater love is shown than in that game of catch.


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