What is Beauty?

What is true beauty? Is it a face caked with makeup? A girl who is unhealthily skinny because she doesn’t eat?

This video basically about sums up our culture. We have this very specific idea of what beauty is. And these ideals, shown on posters and billboards and magazines and commercials seem to define what beauty is. These ideals are being passed on to our younger generations. As they grow older, they have this idea of what they think “beauty” is. So, younger and younger, they begin caking on the makeup, dying their hair, buying color contacts, all for what? So they can fit in? So they can be “beautiful”?


Beauty cannot be defined by singular characteristics. Beauty comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes.

This is Lizzie. She has a very, very, very rare disorder that prevents her from gaining weight. She has wrongly been referred to as “the ugliest woman on earth.” This is her story of what beauty is. And in my opinion, she understands and communicates the true meaning of beauty.

WE are all beautiful. And don’t any of you ever forget that.


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