“Some things only come once in a lifetime.”

For the man in the video, his 100% perfect match came a few times, but he never acted upon it, so he regretted it for the rest of his life. No matter how similar a situation may be to another, almost everything only comes once in a lifetime. Every situation you are in, in that moment, will never be exactly the same. If that man had spoken up and said something, he may have not had a sad story, but a fairy tale ending. Sadly, however, he did not act upon it. His regret haunted him, as he wished for the perfect life with his 100% perfect match. He will now never know the alternative outcome to his story. He could have at least tried, and then he would have known that maybe he would’ve been right, maybe he would’ve been wrong, but at least then he wouldn’t have to live with his life’s regret. He will never forget the love he lost.

Life is kind of like when you walk in sand. You walk and create footprints that are soon after lost when the ocean washes them away to the winds of time. In this same way, we cannot regret. There are no time machines that can take you back to that moment so that you can fix what you did. We have to let the ocean wash the memories away and live for the now. You cannot fix the past, but you control the present. Make your decisions wisely.

“We must all suffer two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disapointment.” – Jim Rohn


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