“There is always a choice”

There is always a choice. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, there is always a choice. The choice isn’t necessarily what you immediately think it is. The choice is how you look at things; how you see the world.

The choice is simple, don’t like it, or like it. Okay, I get it, sometimes you really just have to pick dislike, but in a neutral situation, you can choose to pick yourself up, to see the goodness around you. Sometimes we go into things already expecting to hate them. But what’s the point in doing this? If we already decide something, will we even be able to enjoy it? Eventually you’ll probably warm up to it. If you had already gone in with a positive mindset, however, you could enjoy the moment even more. Negativity is the enemy of positivity. (Well, that’s pretty obvious.) But if you look at the class half full, or half empty, you’ll miss the glass itself, or the water. It’s such a simple thing, but that awareness around you makes the choice not as simple as like or dislike.

You HAVE the choice to create your situation. The glass, the water, you can create that. Make the choices that benefit you, surround yourself with people who will love and care about you. Don’t be with the people will bring you down.

You have a choice.

Make the right one.


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