In a world of iPhones and Androids, text and email have become the main purposes for communication. This is the reality for new generations, who are losing their sense of privacy and how to communicate.

Communicating has two main forms: speaking and writing.

Speaking, is an essential skill that is necessary in persuasion, or even simply talking to a friend. Take this for example: Let’s say that Mary texts you, “Hey, wanna go shopping 2morrow?” You don’t really like Mary, but don’t want to hurt her feelings, so you don’t reply at all. If Mary would have called you, then you would be forced to reply with, “I’m busy.”, or “No thanks”. Some type of response is necessary when having a conversation. Texting allows us to have a “mask” of sorts, that hides us from confronting people and issues. Also, texting gives us a false sense of security because we can talk very casually in text, and we can always reread, revise, and gain approval for whatever we are going to say.  On the other hand, during actual speaking, one will make mistakes that cannot be erased and corrected. Speaking requires practice to learn how to avoid making mistakes that novice speakers make. How can you introduce yourself to your fiance’s parents if you can’t even tell the creepy guy sitting next to you that you’re not interested in him? Speaking, in its most basic form, is communication to others.

Writing, on the other hand, is somewhat like texting, but the phrases and sentences are much longer and require much more detail and attention. In addition, writing requires much more in-depth thought. Writing, like all other skills, takes practice, practice, and practice. Writing is something you should do just for you. Write when you feel like it, write when you feel inspired. Don’t write because you have to, write because you want to. Write to express yourself, to ease pain, to remember, to forget, to bring joy, to show your point of view, to be heard. Writing, is communication with yourself. When you just let the pen flow, you see your thoughts, your ideas, your points of view, just parts of yourself. You’re not only discovering yourself, though. You are creating yourself. Creating the person you want to be. When you write for you, you enter this sort of locked in zone, where it’s just you, the paper, and the pen.

If you really don’t know how to practice writing read this blog post on “Zero Drafting.”



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