Education is Dead

September is coming. What does that mean? Another dreary year of picking up textbooks, awaiting the next weekend or holiday. What is there to look forward too? Education has lost its “fun,” and so have the teachers. Many of teachers lack the people skills and “fun” to make classes interesting, and make classes useful for the real world. Recently, I was found out about Thomas Jefferson’s Seven Keys of Great Teaching. They seemed to have the ingredients missing from many classes.

1. Classics, not Textbooks.

2. Mentors, not Professors.

3. Inspire, not Require.

4. Structure Time, not Content.

5. Quality, not Conformity.

6.  Simplicity, not Complexity.

7. You, not Them.

“You were right, about the system becoming shackles.”- John Blake.

Thomas Jefferson’s idea of education has been lost.  As art and music programs disappear, and it seems as if everyday there are more and more rules, more shackles chaining down students from their full potential. The system needs to break free of the shackles and gain back the freedom, the creativity, that will allow students to actually flourish in the real world. It seems as if fewer and fewer teachers are willing to stray from the norms. That the school systems are creating mindless, conformed robots who can follow rules, and answer unnecessary questions, but lack skills necessary for real life. As a student, this is something I hope all teachers remember:

“I don’t need to be your (the system’s) champion, just theirs (the students).”- Mr. Theriault

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