The Worst Feeling in the World

In contrast to my last post, this post is the worst feeling in the world. Personally, I think the worst feeling in the world is falling just barely short of getting something that you really wanted.

Recently, I experienced this feeling. I missed getting an ‘A’ in one of my classes by one point on our final. This was really tough on me because I had worked really hard, and I really wanted an ‘A’ in that class. I felt terrible for that entire day. Being so close, but somehow so far, was really disappointing.

I guess we can’t always get what we want though. And I’m pretty sure everyone else has felt this exact same feeling as well. Just remember, there are people who love and care about you, who are willing to listen and comfort you. You are never alone in your feeling.

Really the only thing we can do, however, is KEEP MOVING FORWARD.




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