Like the people in this video, everyone has demons. Recently, one of my youth leaders gave a message on some of the demons we all have within us. He, himself, struggles with bipolar disorder, which is his personal demon. Demons lurk within all of us.
Although there are many literal disorders that are demons, my leader also spoke about some “demons” that everyone deals with.
1. The mask
Nowadays, it seems like everyone is wearing a mask. Whether it be the clothing they wear, the horrendous amount of makeup caked on their face, or even just the smile, people seem to shield themselves from the world. No one seems to be “real” anymore. So many people hide who they really are because of the ugliness of society.
2. OTS: Over the shoulder
My youth leader used this “disorder” to represent insecurity. So many people try to impress everyone, even if they don’t even like them! Like the mask, people change themselves to do what is “cool” in order to fit in. That insecruity has to be changed to confidence. Everyone is different, has different likes and dislikes, so why should everyone be so insecure and feel the need to conform? Be different, stand out. Trust me, you’ll love yourself more, even if others don’t.
3. HD: Hulk disorder
This “disorder” is when someone is constantly angry. Almost everything bothers them, no matter how little. Everything is annoying. The way people talk like they’re better than everyone, that one person who won’t shut up, even just a dog sitting in they’re yard.
4. Stress
Stress is a big contributor to “HD,” but it is also it’s own demon. Stress is a problem everyone struggles with. Stress is everywhere and in everything. The dinner party next week, homework, work, even simple things like cars. There’s so much work that needs to be done, that sometimes even getting out of bed is more of a chore than a time of excitement; looking towards a new day.
Everyone struggles with demons, and there isn’t really a lot we can do to fix them. Personally, prayer, quiet time with myself, and listening to music can help ease the power of the demons. Even so, however, don’t leave those demons at rest. The longer you hide them, the more they will consume you, becoming who you are. The demons will come out of hiding exactly when you don’t want them there. The road may be long, and hard, but don’t let anything stop you from conquering your demons. Climb that mountain, stare the demon in the face, and say, “I BEAT YOU!”


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