The Seven Samurai… Dwarfs???

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts from the past two weeks. Inspiration disappeared for a while, but has returned! Here we go…
Recently in our English class we watched the movie The Seven Samurai. This movie was about a team up of seven skilled samurai, some experienced, while some are new to the trade. They have been recruited by a village to protect the village from a group on bandits who keep torturing the villagers, leaving them with next to nothing. As I watched the movie, i began to think of another super seven: Snow White’s seven dwarfs. Hmmm… I guess it’s kind of strange to think people as tough as samurai could be represented by a tiny little dwarf. But, if you really think about it you’d be kind of surprised at what you find.
Like Doc, Kambei is one of the older people of the group, and is the leader as well. He is a veteran samurai, who possesses a lot of wisdom and skill, two key things about being a samurai requires. Each is able to control the group, without opposition or using any brute force. Also, each is very resourceful, and can use what is avaliable to increase the strength of the group.
Kikuchiyo is definitely the Grumpy of the group. Even though he is a very tough, hard shell on the outside, when it comes down to it Kikuchiyo definitely has his soft spots. Also, Kikuchiyo may be the outsider of the group, but despite his flaws, he is able to prove himself to the others, and even is able to become friendly and stand up for others. His own personal losses are the reason for his grumpiness. His overbearing passion makes him a stronger person.
Heihachi has a knack for keeping everyone “Happy” in the hard times. He is able to make the violent, somber situation into one that is a little lighter, and happier. One of the main reasons for his recruitment to the samurai group was his knack to make people happier. Heihachi always has a smile on his face, and even makes a flag to represent the Seven Samurai.
Shichiroji would be Sleepy. Despite the intense situation, Shichiroji is able to keep his cool and continue to fight. At time, he does become “unsleepy” and can fire up the villagers to fight to keep their village safe.
Gorobei is like Bashful, in that he keeps quiet most of the time, but when he opens up, will say something funny or very profound. Gorobei doesn’t seem to like drawing a whole lot of attention to himself, like Bashful.
Kyuzo, was in my opinion, the coolest samurai. He was a skilled swordsman who could to almost anything. Like Sneezy, he has a very calm, cool, and collected attitude, but when his swordsmanship (sneezes) comes out, he blows away everyone else with his skill and power.
Finally, Katsushiro is the Dopey of the group. He is a young, apprentice samurai, who is really learning his way into the trade. Katsushiro is younger than everyone else, and like all youth, has that innocent feeling within him. Katsushiro follows orders given to him with the utmost effort and has a great drive to become skilled like the rest of the samurai.
Seriousely, watch this movie! It’s really awesome! 🙂


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