Learning Like a Princess

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Princess? Yes? No? Well, I have. And like princesses, everyone is different, takes a different perspective in life, can’t live in the exact same environment. In school, it can be hard to accommodate all of the different personality types, but my English teacher, Mr. Theriault incorporates all of them! (He has a blog about his unique teaching style, follow it!)
Anybody out there like Belle? Belle loves to read and express her thoughts. This blog is actually an assignment! We’re part of a project called the Re:Framed. All of the students in our class write blogs about things we love and care about. It’s really interesting to see the things we’re reading about Re:Framed in a new point of view. Belle would love this assignment. Writing and reading about new topics, in an endless library called the Internet, I mean how cool is that?
Are you an Ariel? That social butterfly on the loose who loves technology? Well we’ve done several assignments using Twitter. The first one is we all picked a quote to represent the book Siddhartha. Also, we recently had a “Tweetchat” for a discussion about the book The Count of Monte Cristo. It was really interesting to see all the different perspectives on a topic. Often, in settings like Socratic seminars some people are too shy to speak out loud, but with Tweetchat, they can use their voice by typing! It was interesting to see so many different insights on one topic. Also, we’ve made QR codes linking to our blogs and posted them around our school.
Are you loud and ready to voice your opinion like Merida? Well then take the boring out of Socratic Seminars and you have a Theriaul BRAWL! These are discussions like Socratic Seminars, but are also battles team versus team. The tributes enter the ring prepared with knowledge, but only one will survive these analyzing tests.
Do you love to go outside like Pocahontas? Well, Mr. Theriault took us on a “Detail Walk.” We explored our school and looked at some things that may have not been noticed at first glance, but really are unique. All of the little details really make the difference. When you take a closer look at things and “paint with all of the colors of the wind” there are some new things that you can notice. The calm of the wind, the sound of birds chirping, or seagulls doing whatever annoying thing they do.
Snow white. She loves to help people and teach them proper manners. Well what about children? We wrote and illustrated our own personal children’s books. Everyone had their own unique way of telling their story and teaching important lessons.
All princesses love to sing. They sing their hearts out every time something happens. Especially Aurora. I mean she’s only in her own movie for what, one-fourth of it? All she really does is sing. What about singing Christmas songs, but revamping them with books. Batman in Jingle Bells? An opera song making fun of Romeo and Juliet? The possibilities are endless.
Everyone wants to bring honor to their families, just like Mulan. Maybe a significant other could bring other? Mr. Theriault does like to throw in a couple of life lessons. We learned a whole bunch of cool ideas for first dates. Disneyland fireworks? Exploring the tidepools? Sign me up!
Finally, make sure to keep clean like Cinderella,
follow your dreams like Rapunzel,
and work hard like Tiana.
By the way, if you loved the cartoons in this, they were reblogged from Pocket Princesses! Check out their facebook page! -Ayy


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