“They Call Me Coach”-John Wooden

As a basketball player myself, I grew up hearing the words of Coach Wooden’s wisdom. Most of you have probably heard of Coach John Wooden, but if you haven’t you should really look him up. He was one of, if not the greatest coaches, in not only basketball, but of any sport. His players displayed excellence not only on the court, but off the court as well.

Lesson #1: Fatherly advice and words to live by.

Coach Wooden’s father taught him these two sets of 3’s. Along with Coach Wooden’s seven things to do, they are some of the easiest ways to enrich your life.

Lesson #2: The Pyramid of Success

The basis of all of John Wooden’s teachings was the Pyramid of Success. These were all of the characteristics that would lead to success. John Wooden taught this to all of his players. This pyramid is the most famous part of his teachings.

Lesson #3: Success

Coach Wooden knew a lot about success. He won 10 NCAA basketball championships, the most of any college basketball coach. Even so, he was always humble and he NEVER asked for a raise.


Lesson #4: Size doesn’t matter!

Lesson #5: Having the most fulfilling life

Sometimes life is hard. There are obstacles and most of all, there are people who aren’t happy with what they have. There are people who work too hard, and forget what it’s like to have fun, and not work. Parents especially, you should pay attention to this post.

Lesson #6: Failure

Everyone fails sometimes, it’s inevitable, it’s a part of life. Even Coach Wooden didn’t win every game. The important part is not to dwell on the failure, but to learn for it and make sure that failure won’t happen the next time.

Lesson #7: Character

This one is important. Character is not only what you are, but who you are. It’s your identity.

Lesson #8: Time

Lesson #9: Motivation

Everyone want to be great. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, but what will make you get off the couch and do it?


Lesson #10: Love

Everyone has a view on love. Everyone desires it, everyone needs it. Coach Wooden married his high school sweetheart, and they stayed together until the end. Through all the ups and downs, they never gave up. He believed in unconditional love, no matter the circumstances. And most of all, he believed the most important word in the dictionary was love.

Lesson #11: A little on life

Lesson #12: Wisdom

Even Coach Wooden, as wise as he was, still wanted to learn.

Lesson #13: Patience and time

Time is important. You only get so much of it. Getting to greatness isn’t easy, it takes hard work and patience.

Lesson #14: Details, Details, Details

Lesson #15: Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect.

Lesson #16: Coaches




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