The Count of P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way

For all you nerds, you know think this post is about The Count of Monte Cristo.  For all of you Disney lovers, you think this post is about Finding Nemo. Well, guess what! It’s both of them. As weird as it may seem, The Count of Monte Cristo and Finding Nemo are quite similar.

At the beginning of the book, Dante’s life is very similar to Marlin’s life. Dante is happy because he is going to marry the love of his life and has obtained his dream job. Marlin has his one son Nemo, who is his pride and joy. Both characters lose all of their happiness in a short instant.

When Dante is questioned by Villefort, he is completely honest, and feels that he can trust Villefort. Villefort promises to free Dante from his captivity, and Dante naively believes him, and Villefort has Dante is thrown in the political prison. Villefort is does this because he is set off that Dante may know who his father really is. Villefort hopes to keep this secret hidden. This is very similar to Bruce when he meets Marlin and Nemo. Bruce claims to be a “vegetarian shark” saying that he does not eat fish. As soon as Bruce smells blood, however, he goes crazy and has a craving to eat the fish.

fish are friends, NOT FOOD!

Dantes and Faria are very similar to Marlin and Dory. When both first meet, they are searching. Dantes and Faria are searching for a way to escape their prison, while Marlin is trying to find his son, Nemo and meets Dory who is searching for her memory, because she suffers from short term memory loss. Both pairs are looking for a friend, someone who can guide them through this stressful time, provide relief as well as help one another.

Both pairs, even after knowing each other for only a short period of time become very close and learn many things from each other. Faria teaching all of his tricks for escaping to Dante is similar to Gill teaching Nemo how they can escape from the tank into the sea. They make new plans, test them out, and try again and again. They develop a strong bond through their teacher student ways.

Dante and Faria’s attempt to escape is very much like Nemo’s attempt to escape the fish tank because both use the tools of the world around them to escape. They use their resourcefulness and drive to escape to push them forward.

As Faria begins to die, he asks Dante to leave and escape, because Faria is too weak to escape from the tower now. Dante refuses, because he doesn’t want to leave his friend behind to die, after everything they have been through. This is very similar to Marlin and Dory, because Marlin begins to give up hope on finding Nemo, and wants Dory to leave him, but Dory refuses to give up. Dory feels as if Marlin helps her remember better, and now sees Marlin as her new “home.”

Through it all, no one gives up. The all, “Just keep swimming.” -Ayy


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