The Truth About Details

Details, what would we be without them? Today in class, we wrote an essay on details. The prompt asked us whether or not we should pay attention to details. The simple answer is that without details, life would be extremely dull. So here’s something that some of you guys can relate to. This is a screen shot of Starcraft without details.Image

Are those graphics awesome or what? It’s void of all details except for the basic outlines of the structures. This is the “big picture” of Starcraft. It’s completely playable as is, but how dull would it be? And now for a picture of Starcraft with details.


Awesome right? That’s the point. You can live life without noticing any of the details around you, yet if you’re able to take the time out of your busy life to just stop and pay attention to the small details, your life could be so much more vivid and pleasant.

To really appreciate details, we need to spend the time to do so. During class one day, Mr. Theriault took us out and gave us a short tour of small things he enjoyed about the school. At one point, he took us out to the softball field and told us just to sit down a circle and spend five minutes just listening and looking around. This allowed us to really pay attention to all of the details that were presented to us. You were able to hear the different types of birds chirping, the soft breeze, the gentle swaying of the trees, the fresh air and all the scents that come with it. Yet, these details are always present, we just never took the time to pay attention to them.

Look at the painting for a moment.


At one glace one could be like , “Oh, that’s a nice painting of a girl looking towards the clouds.” However, you would need to look at all the small details that the artist has put into it to really appreciate what’s in the painting. Such as the boy looking out with a telescope in the top left of the picture, or the swordfish to the southwest of that, or the two cats in the meadow. Details present another layer of depth into what we see and read. Take some time to try to pay attention to them in your daily life. It might even improve the quality of your life as you’re able to appreciate what surrounds you, which leads me to show you this Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.


Sometimes, we overlook the most simple details ever. We’re just so busy all day and are constantly in a rush to do everything. Sometimes, the smallest details could make your day that much better. Once I was walking along the street, trying to get home in a rush. I stopped to tie my shoe and as I looked up, I saw this teenager stop a car. This teenager stopped the car to avoid it backing into a dog. Now if I had just kept walking along as my busy day required me to do, I could’ve easily overlooked this spectacle. Yet, I noticed by accident. It made me happy, knowing that people care for animals. Now, if you really paid attention to what I’ve just written, you would’ve noticed that the first word of every paragraph formed the following sentence : Details are awesome to look at sometimes.


2 responses to “The Truth About Details

  1. I remember when Mr. Theriault was talking about how as little kids we used to pay attention to the little details in our everyday life and now as we’ve grown up we fail to do that. Well, after hearing him say that I told myself I would try to be more observant like I was. But I’ve forgotten, and after reading this, not only did it remind me to be more observant everyday (therefore enjoying life more), but that last sentence made me smile 🙂

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