Have You Seen Me?


For those of you that don’t know, we’re new to WordPress and one of our main goals is to receive more traffic to our new blog. In doing so, we must think of a creative way to publicize our blog and what other way is better than QR codes? We posted a couple of these bad boys around our school, hoping that they’ll catch some people’s attentions and draw them to our blogs. What use is a voice if it can’t be heard?

All credit goes to our buff, young, smart, cool, funny, and hip English teacher, Mr. Theriault.


Mr. Theriault was explaining to the whole class about the Paul Berger Gymnasium at our school. He was right next to the plaque and it looked like he was modeling. So with my beautiful photography skills, I snapped a picture of him. Looking good, Mr.Theriault!

(By the way, I so did not include those adjectives in hopes of getting an A in his class if that’s what you were thinking.)

Oh yeah, and we recommend you guys to go check out his nifty blog: http://mrtheriaultfvhs.wordpress.com/

Anyways, back to the QR codes. If you have an iOS or Android, you can easily download the app that scans QR codes by going to the app store and searching for “QRReader.” You may be thinking, “What the heck? Who even uses QR codes anyways?” Well, QR codes are everywhere and you may not even realize it. It’s especially used for marketing but can also be used for many other things.

There is a subway in the Netherlands where the walls are beautifully painted. What are painted one those walls are shelves containing books with QR codes on them. So whenever someone is waiting for a train and is in need of something to do in the meantime, they can just whip their phone out, scan the QR code on the book they are interested in reading, and they will be able to read the book of the one they scanned. Here is a picture of what it looks like.


Pretty creative, right? Who would’ve ever thought of the idea of having people scan walls and having classics appear right in the palm of their hands?

We are thinking about posting the QR code of our blog all around our city and hopefully out of our city if we ever get the chance to. As a blog that’s mainly about life and adventures, we encourage people to go on an adventure to search for pictures with QR codes that are just like the first picture of this post. We’ve decided to have a surprise giveaway to the first 3 people that are able to find at least 2 of them.

Here is how you can do so. Once you’ve spotted a QR code of our blog, take a picture of it and name the location of where it’s at. Then, post it on your blog and tag “spiritofadventuring.”  Winners will be announced on one of our future posts. Tell your friends to join you on the adventure as well! Good luck and hope you guys support us!


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