Strange Obsessions: Flying

Hi! It’s Ayy. Just thought I’d give a short explanation to what this post is. This post is the first in a series I am starting. I will try and post once a week, or as time provides. These “Strange Obsessions” are things that people may commonly dream, think, or hear about.

A couple days ago, my English teacher took us on a little nostalgia walk. We looked at the little things in life trying to become more connected to nature itself. As I sat, I felt the wind flying through my hair and thought “What if I could fly as freely as the wind? Wouldn’t that just be amazing?” Just this simple thing, flying: who hasn’t thought about it? I mean come on, soaring through the air weightlessly, effortlessly, what isn’t great about that?

Then I thought, “What would I do if i could fly?” I realized that what I would really like to do is go and see the sunrise every morning  from a different place. I would fly to a new place and see the sunrise through someone else’s eyes, someone else’s perspectives. I remember seeing my first sunrise, at Catalina. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. It was a rigorous hike in the dark, but the reward of seeing the sunrise was worth it. I remember standing there in awe of the power of nature, much as I did as I simply sat in nature and felt the world.


This was the beautiful Catalina sunrise I saw.

If I could fly, I would also go see fireworks. I love fireworks because of the beauty they display in the sky. All of the colors, the smell of smoke, the different patterns, and the loud booms, I love it all! The bursts in the sky reminds me a little about life. We all only have a short time on this earth, so we have to make the best of it, shine bright, and stand out!


Some fireworks from Disneyland.

The final place I would fly to would be to wherever rainbows are. Rainbows are so beautiful, they epitomize the beauty of nature. Each color that appears represents a characteristic in life, and all of the colors are in balance, much like life must be a balance of many different things. Rainbows make me feel happy because it’s almost like in life: after a long storm, there will always be a rainbow of happiness waiting for us.


This was a sunset I saw from a plane. It was a rainbow, so I decided to take a picture of it.


A double rainbow I saw in Hawaii.

Another thought I had was: “What would everything look like if I was high above the clouds, looking down upon the world?” The closest thing that I’ve done to flying is being in an airplane. Every time I’m in an airplane, I take pictures of the sunset, or the world below me. It’s amazing to see how small the world looks, I mean people can’t even be seen!


One of my many pictures taken from a plane. The world really is small isn’t it?

All of the places I would fly to are places or things that bring me happiness or joy. Just like when traveling, not only the journey, but the destination is also a reward. People really are just a small piece of this world. There is so much more flying and traveling to be done. Go out and find adventure. Find your flight. Find your happiness. -Ayy


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