Re-framed : Escaping

This week we went over the found poems we created. “Found” poems are poems that we’ve created using excerpts from the book we’re currently reading, All Quiet On The Western Front. The found poems that we listened to were really awesome as they used pieces of the book to tell a new story. Now the thing that stood out to me most were the poems where it focused on the war and about the death that surrounded it. Some groups wrote poems about the shelling while another group wrote about the friendship that came out of the war. One group used this line from the book, “There is no escape anywhere.” This line really stood out to me as it really sort of portrays our lives as students. Sometimes school seems like a war, we’re constantly fighting to get good grades and to live up to any expectations put on us. Assignments being thrown at us like bombs, trapping us in work and making it really difficult for us to really appreciate life. It’s a bit like this photo.


The soldiers are fighting a war. Their friends are constantly dying around them and misery is everywhere. Even finding food is a misery in itself. But sometimes, a little time away from all this allows us to really enjoy life. One group wrote about the love between Paul and Kat. The following quote was used : “We are two men, two minute sparks of life; outside is the night and the circle of death.” They’re able to escape the war for a short while and enjoy each other’s company, enjoying life for once. Sometimes I feel like I could really relate to this. One of my life dreams is just to travel the world one day. Not to care about anything and just enjoy life as it is. When I say this, I really mean it. The world is a beautiful place, and even if there’s sorrow and sadness in the world, it’s due to war, political issues, lack of resources, ect. But sometimes we could find an escape from all this. This escape, to me, is travelling.


But alas, just like how Kat, Paul, and everyone else is still fighting the war in the novel, we as students still need to get through our education. Then maybe, one day, we’ll be able to do something we really love, such as seeing the world. But there are always those great moments during our journey. In Paul’s case, it was bonding with Kat in a small hut roasting a goose. For me, it’s being able to have fun when I’m free. Oh and off-topic discussions in our English class are always a really nice refresher in school.



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