Spirit of Soldiers

If one actually thinks about it, we, as humans have been through so much more than we think or can remember. There are people that have gone through the same thing multiple times, but now aren’t as affected or as bothered because they have become used to it. An obstacle in life is either going to make you or break you.

An example of people living under the circumstances where they have to deal with things that they wouldn’t be able to bear at all as a youth would be soldiers. These people have been trained to practically not have any feelings. They’ve seen many friends die and have had seen their intestines blown up right in front of their faces but the next day they move on with their lives because death has become a common sight for them. For other soldiers, it may not be as simple for them to get over things like that. That is what amazes me about humans. We are all different; we have different emotions, feelings, opinions, etc. We are not robots and can change, not by mechanical updates or technological programming, but through experience in either a short amount of time or a long period of time.

Some people are luckier than others – the people that have lived their lives without anything being able to hurt them or giving them something to stress about. Or are they? Perhaps the ones that have been through more are actually the lucky ones? Since they’ve gotten the opportunity to see life at another end, they are gifted with more experience and within that gift they find wisdom and better strength.

Now back to the soldiers subject. I give them much respect and admiration for their courage and modesty. They go to battle and they have the “I’m going to battle my best and if I die, then I’ll know that I’ve died for my country” mentality. I admire their dedication because they are fighting not only for their family, but also for strangers that they don’t even know. You’ll never know if you’ll come back from battle alive, injured, or not come back at all.

We have been raised to know what is deemed as normal or not. But what is normal exactly? Our definitions of this one word varies according to how one has grown up and what they were taught. For example, growing up, we’ve been taught that using the toilet to do your business is normal. But what about third world countries? This is also where culture comes into play and again, our differences is what I admire the most. What may seem normal to us may seem abnormal to people of another culture. That is what inspires me and encourages me to develop this wanderlust – this desire to travel. Also, I want to see soldiers in real life during a battle before, during, and after. I want to see what they do on their free time and what makes them laugh and cry, happy or angry, stressed or calm – a time when they’re at their most vulnerable.

– Jay


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